5. Configure MiaRec Call Recording System

This section presents configuration steps for MiaRec call recording system. It is assumed that MiaRec is already installed on the server. The procedures include the following areas:

  • Install AES TSAPI Client
  • Administer MiaRec TSAPI link to AES

5.1. Install AES TSAPI Client

Download Application Enablement Services TSAPI Client from http://support.avaya.com

Install it on MiaRec server. During installation enter the IP address of the Avaya AES server in the Host Name or IP Address field, retaining the default port of 450 (see below screenshot). Click on Add to List and then Next to finish installation.

Avaya AES TSAPI Client install

5.2. Administer MiaRec link to AES

Navigate in the MiaRec web interface to Administration -> System -> Recording Interfaces and click Configure link for Avaya TSAPI interface.

MiaRec DMCC settings

In the Configure Recording Interface (Avaya TSAPI) screen, configure the following settings:

  • Option Enable should be checked
  • Option TSAPI Link should point to the obtained TLink in the Section 3.5. Obtain Tlink name.
  • Option TSAPI login and "TSAPI password** should be set to the credentials of CTI user created in Section 3.6. Administer CTI user for MiaRec.
  • Option Media Source should be set to Passive - port mirroring
  • Option Monitored phones should list all recorded extensions, comma-separated. A range of extensions is supported, like 3000-3100, 5001, 5002
  • Option Monitored ACD Splits should list all ACDs, which the recorded users may login to. MiaRec monitors ACDs for login/logout events. A range value is supported, like 4900-49100, 55000, 56000
  • Option Ignore dialing phase could be enabled to avoid recording of initial dialing phase of the outgoing call scenario
  • Retain default settings for other values

MiaRec DMCC settings

5.2. Enable passive recording

Navigate in the MiaRec web interface to Administration -> System -> Recording Interfaces and enable the following protocols:

  • Passive network capture
  • Avaya H.323
  • H.323
  • SIP (required if some of phones have SIP firmware)

MiaRec DMCC settings