Player - Configuration

The configuration of MiaRec recording announcement player is stored in text INI file SipPlayer.ini.

Section [Main]

Example of configuration:



  • Set AudioFile to the pre-recorded audio file for announcement message, something like "This call may be recorded". MiaRec comes with a sample audio file. You can use the sample file or record your own. The file format: mono, 8KHz, wav uncompressed.

  • Option AudioFile16KHz is similar to AudioFile, but for calls using high quality wideband codecs (G.722). The file format: mono, 16KHz, wav uncompressed.

Section [SIP]

The recording announcement player behaves as an auto-answering machine. It listens for inbound SIP connection from Cisco UCM, answers the call, plays back the announcement message and automatically hangs up. In the latter sections you will configure SIP Trunk in CUCM for player component.

In this section, you need to configure various SIP parameters for the player.



PortRtpMin = 30000
PortRtpMax = 31999
  • Options PortUDP and PortTCP specify the listening ports for SIP interface for UDP and TCP protocols respectively. Normally, TCP is used for SIP Trunk in CUCM environment. So, you only need to use PortTCP. Other protocol may be disabled by setting its value to 0. If a firewall is enabled, then you need to add these ports to the allowed list.

  • Options PortRtpMin and PortRtpMax specify the UDP port range for RTP packets. If a firewall is enabled, then you need to add this port range to the allowed list.