Dell PowerConnect 2700 Series

Dell PowerConnect 2700 Series
Mirror Port Read-Only: 

This guide contains instructions of how to configure Port Mirroring on Dell PowerConnect 2700 Series (2708/2716/2724/2748) switches.

Dell PowerConnect 2700 Series

The device is delivered from the factory in Unmanaged Mode. The device must be changed to Managed Mode before it can be configured. To change to Managed Mode, the device must be fully operational in Unmanaged Mode (Managed Mode LED has stopped blinking and is off).

Dell PowerConnect 2708 Front Panel

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Once the Managed Mode LED has stopped blinking, press the Managed Mode button. The switch reboots and the Managed Mode LED blinks for approximately 90 seconds and stays lit. When the Managed Mode LED stays lit, the switch is ready to be configured. The default IP address is, the default User Name is 'admin', and the default password is left blank.

  1. Open a Web browser on your computer.
  2. Enter the Ethernet Switch IP address (the default IP address is

The following login screen is displayed when the device is first connected:

Dell PowerConnect 2708 Web Login

The default User Name is 'admin', and the default password is left blank.

Click on Port Mirroring in the tree view.

You should see a page like on below screen-shot:

Dell PowerConnect 2708 Port Mirroring

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Configure Port Mirroring according to following instructions:

  • Destination Port should be a port, where MiaRec Server is connected to. On the network diagram it is shown in red color (Analysis port).
  • Source Ports list. Add here the port, which is connected to IP-PBX (if you have one) or uplink to WAN/Internet (if you do not have IP-PBX). On the network diagram it is shown in green color (Monitored port). Type should be TX and RX.

Caution! If you have inter-office calls (between local phones), then every phone's port should be added to Source Ports list.

The PowerConnect 2700 series switches support up to 4 (four) source ports. If you have more than four phones and recording of inter-office calls is required, then you are suggested to choose another managed switch, which supports a desired number of mirrored source ports.

See How to configure Port Mirroring in different call scenarios.

Save changes on that page (click 'Apply Changes' button).

Now a configuration is completed and you should be able to record calls with MiaRec Business.

Should you have any questions or issues, please, do not hesitate to contact our support team.