REST API clients for development

During development it is useful to use REST API client application to send various requests to MiaRec server and check responses.

The most popular console application is curl (see screenshot below). Also, there are many REST API client plugins available for such browsers as Chrome and Firefox.


cURL is a command-line tool for transferring data using various protocols. It can be used to interact with the Redmine REST API.

Here is a simple example of a command that can be used to retrieve a list of users from MiaRec server:

curl -u apiuser:secret http://{host}:{port}/api/v2/users.json

Sample response:

    "users": [{
        "name": "John Smith",
        "user_id": "e011c408-f288-11e4-9b73-e03f497dbdff",
        "name": "Marry Smith",
        "user_id": "34c7f1f6-9201-11e5-a739-e03f497dbdff",
    ... MORE DATA ...

Screenshot of cURL utility:


Advanced REST client for Google Chrome

Advanced REST client is running within Google Chrome browser and allows to create and test REST API requests.

Advanced REST Client plugin for Chrome

REST Client plugin for Firefox

RESTClient is an extension for Firefox, which you can use to create and test REST API requests.

REST Client plugin for Firefox