D-Link DES-3010

D-Link DES-3010
Mirror Port Read-Only: 

This guide contains instructions for configuration of Port Mirroring on D-Link DES-3010 Series switches.

D-Link DES-3010

In order to configure Port Mirroring feature, you need to open D-Link Embedded Web Interface (if you don't know how to do this, check a documentation of your device).

When you login on Web Interface, go to setting Administration->Port Mirroring.

You should see a page like on below screen-shot:

DES-3010 Configuration

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Configure Port Mirroring according to following instructions:

  • Target Port should be a port, where MiaRec Server is connected to. On the network diagram it is shown in red color (Analysis port).
  • Status should be enabled.
  • Source Port should be a port, where IP-PBX is connected to (if you have one) or uplink to WAN/Internet (if you do not have IP-PBX). On the network diagram it is shown in green color (Monitored port). Source port should be set into position Both.

Caution! If you have inter-office calls (between local phones), then every phone's port should be set as a Source Port (D-Link switch supports monitoring of multiple ports).

See How to configure Port Mirroring in different call scenarios.

Save changes on that page (click 'Apply' button).

If you need to change other settings of D-Link switch, do this now. When you finish, click on 'Save Changes' to write configuration into NV-RAM. If you do not do this last step, then all changes will be lost after reboot of a switch.

DES-3010 Configuration

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Now a configuration is completed and you should be able to record calls with MiaRec Business.

Should you have any questions or issues, please, do not hesitate to contact our support team.