Update MiaRec recorder files

Use these instructions only if MiaRec has been installed manually. For Ansible-based deployment, use the update instructions from here.

1. Download latest MiaRec recorder files

Fill out Download form to get access to latest version of MiaRec.


Extract this archive

tar -xzvf miarec-*.tar.gz

2. Rename old MiaRec recorder files

It is recommended to rename the existing MiaRec files instead of removing them. This will allow you to restore old version if necessary.

mv /etc/miarec/sqlconfig /etc/miarec/sqlconfig-`date +"%m-%d-%Y"`
mv /usr/local/bin/miarec /usr/local/bin/miarec-`date +"%m-%d-%Y"`
mv /var/lib/miarec/WebServices.wsdl /var/lib/miarec/WebServices.wsdl-`date +"%m-%d-%Y"`

You can safely remove these old files once upgrade is completed and functionality is tested.

3. Install new version of MiaRec files

Navigate to the extracted directory miarec-*

cd miarec-*

Copy new configuration files and MiaRec recorder binary to the corresponding locations:

cp -r sqlconfig /etc/miarec/
cp WebServices.wsdl /var/lib/miarec/
cp miarec /usr/local/bin/

4. Restart MiaRec recorder service

When using Upstart (Centos 6):

initctl stop miarec
initctl start miarec

When using init.d or SystemD (Centos 7):

service miarec restart