Create a recording profile

Use the Device > Device Settings > Recording Profile menu option in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to create recording profile.

The following figure illustrates creating a recording profile.

Set Recording Destination Address to the directory number that associates the recorder with this recording profile. The only guideline for this number: it should be possible for UCM to route it to the SIP trunk where the recorder is defined. No user is going to directly call this number, this is internal to the system. Make sure it does not collide with your numbering plan. This is why the example shows '7777'.

Set Recording Calling Search Space to the CSS that includes partitions containing the user phones and the partition that you set up for the MiaRec SIP Trunk. Important! Recording will not work if CSS of the Recording Profile and phones do not match! The screenshot below shows None value, but in most production configuration, it should be explicitly set to the correct CSS.

Create Recording Profile