Cisco phones supporting Built-in-Bridge feature

The following table lists Cisco IP phone models, which support Built-in-Bridge feature for call recording and monitoring.

Phone modelSupported protocols
Cisco 6901 not supported
Cisco 12 S not supported
Cisco 12 SP not supported
Cisco 30 SP+ not supported
Cisco 3905 not supported
Cisco 3911 not supported
Cisco 6901 not supported
Cisco 6911 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 6921 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 6941 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 6945 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 6961 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7811 SIP
Cisco 7821 SIP
Cisco 7841 SIP
Cisco 7861 SIP
Cisco 7902 not supported
Cisco 7905 not supported
Cisco 7906 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7910 not supported
Cisco 7911 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7912 not supported
Cisco 7914 Sidecar SCCP
Cisco 7915 Sidecar SCCP, SIP
Cisco CKEM Sidecar SIP
Cisco 7920 not supported
Cisco 7921 SCCP
Cisco 7925 SCCP
Cisco 7926 SCCP
Cisco 7931 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7935 not supported
Cisco 7936 not supported
Cisco 7937 SCCP
Cisco 7940 not supported
Cisco 7941 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7941G-GE SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7942 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7945 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7960 not supported
Cisco 7961 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7961G-GE SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7962 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7965 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7970 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7971 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7975 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7985 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 8811 SIP
Cisco 8831 SIP
Cisco 8841 SIP
Cisco 8845 SIP
Cisco 8851 SIP
Cisco 8861 SIP
Cisco 8865 SIP
Cisco 8941 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 8945 SCCP, SIP
Cisco 8961 SIP
Cisco 9951 SIP
Cisco 9971 SIP
Cisco DX650 SIP
Cisco E20 not supported
Cisco EX60 not supported
Cisco EX90 not supported
Cisco CTS 500 not supported
Cisco CTS 500-32 not supported
Cisco ATA 186 not supported
Cisco ATA 187 not supported
Cisco ATA 188 not supported
Cisco IP Communicator SCCP, SIP
Cisco Jabber for Windows SCCP, SIP
Cisco Jabber for Mac SCCP, SIP
Cisco Jabber for iPad not supported
Cisco Jabber for Android not supported
Cisco Unified Personal Communicator not supported
Cisco VGC Phone not supported
VG224 not supported
VG248 not supported
CTI Port not supported
CTI Remote Device not supported
CTI Route Point not supported

Last table update: 2015/10/01

Identify phones that support Built-in-Bridge recording

Up to date list of phone models that support Built-in-Bridge recording may be received with the following instructions:

  1. Start Cisco Unified Reporting by choosing Cisco Unified Reporting in the Navigation menu in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration and clicking Go.
  2. Click System Reports in the navigation bar.
  3. In the list of reports that displays in the left column, click the Unified CM Phone Feature List option.
  4. Click the Generate a new report link to generate a new report, or click the Unified CM Phone Feature List link if a report already exists.
  5. To generate a report of all devices that support recording, choose these settings from the respective drop-down list boxes and click the Submit button:

    • Product: All
    • Feature: Record
  6. The List Features pane displays a list of all devices that support the recording feature. You can click on the Up and Down arrows next to the column headers (Product or Protocol) to sort the list.

Identify phones supporting built-in-bridge