On-demand recording via Web portal

When an agent is configured for on-demand recording, then he/she or authorized user (his/her supervisor) may activate/deactivate recording in real-time during a call.

MiaRec On Demand Recording

If the user decides during a call that he/she would like to keep recording, then a call recording will be stored in MiaRec from the very beginning of a call.

MiaRec supports look-back recording. The whole conversation will be stored in MiaRec, even if the user has made the decision to record a call at the very last second of a call.

In order to enable on-demand recording:

  1. Change recording settings on agent's profile page from always record to on-demand.
  2. Grant agent or his/her supervisor permissions to trigger on-demand recording (see Role settings)
  3. During a call, an agent or his/her supervisor should select active call in MiaRec web interface and click Open in new window button. Inside the opened web-page he/she will be able to see on-demand controls as shown in the screenshot below.