Confidential calls

Some call recordings may be marked as confidential. This feature is utilized in the following scenario:e:

Typically, such conversation between an agent and executive would be visible to the supervisor. However, when a call is marked as confidential, then this call recording would be hidden from the supervisor. A call recording may be marked as "confidential" either manually or automatically.

Automatically mark calls as confidential

On Executive's user profile page, an administrator may check setting "Mark all calls of this user as confidential."

MiaRec confidential calls

Manually mark calls as confidential

Authorized users may mark calls as confidential manually. Note, the user's role should have enabled permission to "Set confidential flag."

MiaRec confidential calls

Access confidential calls

An administrator may grant permission to view confidential calls to authorized users, for example, executives.

Such permissions are configured on user role page:

MiaRec confidential calls

After that, authorized users will be able to see confidential calls:

MiaRec confidential calls