Configuring replication server (sender)

Navigate to Administration -> Storage -> Replication on source (sender) replication server to create outgoing replication job.

LDAP integration

Use a secure replication token from a target server, which you create in previous step.

You may create multiple jobs and upload the same recordings to multiple target servers simultaneously.

Each replication job supports filtering criteria to limit which call recordings are uploaded to the target server. For example, you may configure replication for specific group of users only.

Full replication mode will upload all call recordings to target server everytime the job is started. It will gracefully skip upload process if the target server contains such recordings already.

Incremental replication mode remembers which records have been uploaded already to the target server and do not process them on next start. Such mode is useful when job is scheduled for periodic replication (every hour/day etc). It will work a lot faster than full replication mode because it will skip automatically previously uploaded recordings.

Replication job may be started manually or automatically by schedule. Schedule may be configured by time (for example every hour/day/week) or automatic continuous replication. With continuous replication call recordings are uploaded to the target server immediately upon call completion.

LDAP integration

Status of replication job is available on job page. For incremental replication mode MiaRec stores statistics of replicated calls per day.