Upstart start-up script (Centos 6.x)

Create file /etc/init/miarec.conf

vi /etc/init/miarec.conf

Content of this file:

description "MiaRec call recorder"
author      "MiaRec, Inc."

env EXEC=/usr/local/bin/miarec
env PIDFILE=/var/run/
env CONFFILE=/etc/miarec/miarec.ini

start on started sshd
stop on runlevel [!2345]

console output

# Increase open file descriptors limit
limit nofile 10240 10240

# Restart automatically proces in case of crash

# Stop respawn if it occured more than 10 times during 60 seconds period.
# This means serious problems
respawn limit 10 60

# Current working directory for MiaRec process
chdir /var/lib/miarec

# Enable core dumps for troubleshooting
limit core unlimited unlimited

instance miarec
exec $EXEC -c $CONFFILE --pid $PIDFILE

Reload Upstart configuration

initctl reload-configuration

Validate that miarec is in a list of processes:

initctl list

If you do not see there miarec then check errors in /var/log/messages

Start MiaRec process

initctl start miarec

Stop MiaRec process

initctl stop miarec

Restart MiaRec process

initctl stop miarec
initctl start miarec