E-mail notification

MiaRec sends notification by e-mail when one of the following events occurs:

  • MiaRec service is started or stopped
  • MiaRec service is automatically restarted becaues of application crash
  • License is changed because of dongle was disconnected or trial period expired
  • License is exceeded (some calls were not recorded because of not enough licenses)

Configuration of e-mail notification is done via MiaRec.ini configuration file (section [Mail::Notification]).



Host     = mail.example.com

Login    = user@example.com

Password = password

From     = miarec@example.com

To       = admin@example.com

SubjectPrefix = %{app-name} [%{computer-name}]

LicenseExceedInterval = 30


  • Host is an address of SMTP mail server. It maybe be in form of:
    • ip-address (like
    • domain name (like mail.example.com)
    • ip-address/domain-name with port (like or mail.example.com:25)
  • Login is a mail account (if mail server requires an authentication).
  • Password is a password for mail account
  • From is an address, which will be used as a sender for e-mail notifications
  • To is an address of recepient
  • SubjectPrefix is a prefix, which will be added to the subject of e-mail. This prefix allows to distinguish messages from multiple MiaRec servers. %{app-name} will be replaced by name of application as specified inside section [Main] option Name. %{computer-name} wil be replaced by NETBIOS name of a computer, on which MiaRec is running.
  • LicenseExceedInterval is a minimum inverval between two e-mail notifications, which are sent by MiaRec because of license exceeding. This option allows to prevent an overflow of mail box with too many notifications.