Activate HASP dongle

The purchased licenses are stored inside the memory of a HASP USB dongle (key).

It is necessary to activate the dongle before the first usage as initially it is shipped to our customers with an empty memory (no licenses inside).

Step by step instructions:

1) Download and install HASP drivers

2) Download HaspActivate utility and save on your computer

3) Start HaspActivate utility. You should see a window like on below screenshot


4) Connect HASP USB dongle to the computer. Wait a few seconds while Windows detects the new hardware and then you should see inside HaspActivate utility that the key is "ready for saving memory to file".


5) Save memory of the dongle into a file (press "Save..." button and chose a destination folder for saving the file).

6) Send the saved file to us by e-mail ( As soon as we receive a file, we prepare a new firmware for your dongle and send you by e-mail.

7) When you receive a new firmware, use Hasp Activate utility for writing the firmware to the dongle's memory. Click on "Second step" tab inside utility and the dongle to computer. You should see message "Ready to update memory"


8) Click on "Update..." button and select the file, which you received from us.

9) When update is completed, in the bottom of HaspActivate utility you should see a licenses, which were written to the dongle:


Now activation is completed and you can start using MiaRec in full mode.

Note: HaspActivate utility doesn't work inside Remote Desktop Session (RDP). If you are connected to the server via RDP, then you may receive error "The HASP HL license you requested to update has not been found" in the step 9.

In this case you need to do one of the following:

  • Connect to the server manually and repeat steps 8-9
  • Connect to the server via VNC remote control software and repeat steps 8-9
  • Plug the dongle to another computer, to which you have a direct access. For example, a laptop with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003 or 2008. Then repeat steps 7-9 on that computer. When the dongle is activated, you can safely connect it back to the server.

Frequently asked questions

Will you send me new dongle when I purchase more licenses?
No. We will send you updated firmware for the dongle. See next question for details.
How to add more licenses to the dongle?
You need to repeat steps 2-9. You will receive new firmware by e-mail.
How to move licenses to another server?
It is easy. Install MiaRec and HASP drivers on new server and connect the dongle to it.
MiaRec will detect the dongle automatically and read licenses from its memory.
You do not need to activate the dongle again.
Do I need to change something inside MiaRec configuration after I connect the dongle?
No. MiaRec will detect the dongle automatically and read licenses from its memory.
I tested MiaRec with a trial license code. Do I need to remove that code from MiaRec.ini file?
No. It is not necessary. When you connect HASP dongle to the server, MiaRec will read licenses from it.