The RecordingFilterCustomParameter object represents a custom value, which is assigned to a call instance.

This custom value can be used for integration with third-party applications, like CRM, Salesforce Automation, Predictive Dialer etc.

For example, each call record inside database may store Marketing Campaign Id, which is used later to select all calls, that were made for a particular campaign.



Name of propertyTypeDescription

Unique name of the parameter. Name of parameter may consits of following characters:

  • Latin letters a-z, A-Z
  • Digits 0-9
  • Dash symbol (-)
  • Underscore symbol (_)

Note 1:

Name is case insensitive. Following names are interpreted as the same:

  • param1
  • Param1
  • PARAM1

Note 2:

Following names are reserved and should not be used:

  • action
  • condition
  • filename
  • priority
valuestringValue of the custom parameter.


Example (in C#)

See example of method recordingFilterSave()


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